HTML Emails, Widget Designs, and Direct Mail

Alclara Customer Email

Behavioral alerts program

I was asked to design and code 2 HTML emails to get utilities to call their Aclara sales director and sign up for a behavioral alerts program, which provides customer with important up-to-date information about their energy use and their bill. Aclara’s Behavioral Alerts bring the utility and the customer together, creating a shared sense of purpose: A unique partnership to save energy and money.

I also created 2 double-sided direct mail postcards to entice customers to sign up for a “My Account” and start using the advance data.

In conjunction with this, an enhanced data email, and dashboard widget concepts were designed for Aclara's utility presentation to Portland General Electric (PGE). These were to fit in with PGE's current customer portal and previous communications.

Aclara Direct Mail Postcard Front
Aclara Direct Mail Postcard Back
Aclara Widget 2 Overlay
Aclara Widget 2
Aclara Widget 1

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